Colapz 12V Portable Shower for Camping

Colapz 12V Portable Shower for Camping

Portable Outdoor Shower – High pressure, easy to use portable outdoor shower! Simple charge up the battery via USB to get 45 – 60 minutes of water flow, whilst travelling or not near utility power or water. The perfect addition to your outdoor gear and van life essentials.

Waterproof Shower Bag

The Colapz 9-gallon water utility bag is 100% water tight so is perfect to use as a large water container or bucket for your portable washing kit, when not near a water source. The bag also doubles up as storage for used wet equipment like wetsuits, towels or motocross jerseys and pants.

Outdoor Shower Kit

The Colapz kit contains all the camping accessories that you will need to take a shower when on the move! Parts include; shower head, jet nozzle, trigger head, and shower hook. With its lightweight design and included carry case, the Colpaz camping shower kit is perfect for taking to the beach, on hikes, camping, around the pool, or simply hosing down your dog. Other uses included washing off and rinsing down equipment when surfing or spending the day at the lake.

RV Accessories

One of the must-have van life accessories! The compact design allows the shower to be easily stored in your RV, camper, truck, or in the car. The shower system can also be used for washing down boats, bikes, or off-road vehicles and all the other kit you need to enjoy the great outdoors.

Extra Accessories

Colapz includes lots of added accessories over the alternatives in the market. As well as the Pump and Hose, there is a choice of fixtures, including a Shower head or Trigger/Jet Wash Head and a set of brackets for fixing or hanging in a shower position, all nicely bundled in a carry case unique to Colapz. Works perfectly with the Colapz collapsible utility bag which is included.