Emuca 7086211 Pull Down Hanging Wardrobe Rail: Easy Access and Custom Fit


Are you tired of struggling to reach the highest hangers in your wardrobe? The Emuca 7086211 Pull Down Hanging Wardrobe Rail is here to solve that problem for you. With its adjustable width and smooth movement, this folding wardrobe rail ensures easy access to your clothes. Say goodbye to stretching and straining, and hello to convenience and comfort.

Main Features

Adjustable Width for a Custom Fit

The Emuca 7086211 Pull Down Hanging Wardrobe Rail offers width adjustment, allowing you to customize it to fit your wardrobe perfectly. Whether you have a narrow or wide cabinet, this rail can be extended from 600mm to 830mm, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Smooth and Easy Movement

Thanks to its soft and smooth hydraulic hinge, this hanging wardrobe rail glides effortlessly. No more struggling with stiff or jammed rails. With just a gentle pull, you can smoothly lower or lift the rail, making it a breeze to access your clothes.

Sturdy and Reliable

With a maximum load capacity of 12kg, the Emuca 7086211 Pull Down Hanging Wardrobe Rail is designed to hold your clothes securely. You can trust that your garments will be safe and well-supported, without any risk of the rail collapsing or bending under the weight.

Chromed Finish for a Sleek Look

In addition to its functionality, this hanging wardrobe rail also adds a touch of elegance to your wardrobe. The chrome finish gives it a sleek and modern appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your cabinet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I install this rail on any wardrobe?

Yes, the Emuca 7086211 Pull Down Hanging Wardrobe Rail can be assembled to the side panels of any wardrobe. It is designed to be versatile and compatible with various cabinet dimensions.

2. Is it easy to assemble?

Yes, this hanging wardrobe rail is designed for easy installation. With clear instructions and all the necessary hardware included, you can have it up and ready in no time.

3. Can I adjust the height of the rail?

No, the Emuca 7086211 Pull Down Hanging Wardrobe Rail is specifically designed for width adjustment. It allows you to extend or retract the rail to fit your cabinet dimensions, ensuring a custom fit.


The Emuca 7086211 Pull Down Hanging Wardrobe Rail is the perfect solution for easy access to your clothes and a custom fit in your wardrobe. With its adjustable width, smooth movement, and sturdy construction, it offers both convenience and reliability. Upgrade your wardrobe with this innovative hanging rail and say goodbye to the hassle of reaching for your highest hangers.