JANUS Golf Cart – The Ultimate Golfing Companion

JANUS Golf Cart – The Ultimate Golfing Companion


Welcome to the world of golfing convenience and ease with the JANUS Golf Cart. This foldable golf push cart is designed to enhance your golfing experience by providing a versatile and practical solution for carrying your golf bag. With its innovative features and sleek design, the JANUS Golf Cart is the perfect companion for every golfer.

Main Features

Foldable Design

The JANUS Golf Cart features a foldable design, allowing for easy storage and transportation. Whether you’re heading to the golf course or storing it in your car, this cart can be conveniently folded and unfolded in seconds.

Phone Holder

Stay connected on the course with the built-in phone holder. Safely secure your phone and easily access it whenever needed. Never miss an important call or message while enjoying your game.

Ice Bag

Beat the heat with the included ice bag. Keep your beverages cool and refreshing throughout your round of golf. The ice bag is easily accessible and can be attached to the cart for added convenience.

3-Wheel Design

The JANUS Golf Cart features a stable and maneuverable 3-wheel design. This allows for smooth navigation on various terrains, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable golfing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the JANUS Golf Cart suitable for all golf bags?

Yes, the JANUS Golf Cart is designed to accommodate most golf bags. Its adjustable straps ensure a secure fit for bags of different sizes and shapes.

2. Can the phone holder accommodate larger smartphones?

Yes, the phone holder is designed to fit most smartphones, including larger models. It provides a secure grip to keep your phone in place during your game.

3. How long does it take to fold and unfold the cart?

The JANUS Golf Cart can be easily folded and unfolded within seconds. Its user-friendly design allows for quick setup and storage, saving you time and effort.


Experience the ultimate convenience and comfort on the golf course with the JANUS Golf Cart. Its foldable design, phone holder, ice bag, and 3-wheel design make it the perfect companion for every golfer. Say goodbye to carrying your golf bag and hello to a more enjoyable golfing experience. Get your JANUS Golf Cart today and elevate your game!