Trainers Warehouse Pipeline Challenge

Trainers Warehouse Pipeline Challenge

Transform groups into well-functioning teams!

For this energizing experience, give each participant one short length of half pipe and challenge the group to deliver a marble down the pipes from the starting point to the finish line. Success requires communication, creativity, and teamwork.

Why Choose the Pipeline Challenge?

  • Energize a group
  • Build communication skills
  • Practice group problem solving
  • Practice goal setting

It’s effective with kids, teenagers, and adults, and can be played indoors or out. Choose this activity when you need to energize the group into a team or to emphasize the importance of each member’s actions in a team.

Group Size

8 to 12 ideal, but can be done with 6 to 14


~15-60 mins

What’s Included

  • 12 half-pipes
  • Three balls (marble, ball bearing, golf ball)
  • Facilitation notes on how to play and process the exercise

Each pipe piece has an inside diameter of 2 1/2 inches.

Professional Teambuilding Experience

The Trainers Warehouse Pipeline Challenge is a group teambuilding game built with adult, corporate team challenges in mind. Facilitators and team leaders won’t mind bringing this to their most sophisticated groups for a fun, collaborative, and effective experience. The activity promises to improve team motivation, group problem-solving, and collaborative goal-setting. It’s an all-around great experience!

Build Teams, Communication & Leadership Skills

Transform groups into well-functioning teams using coordination, leadership, listening, and planning. In this energizing experience, you’ll set up a simple obstacle course and then give each participant one short length of halfpipe. Challenge your group(s) to deliver a ball down the pipes from the starting point to the finish line. If they drop the ball, they’ll have to start again!

Fully Customizable

Adapt the game to your time and your group. Use the Pipeline kit for groups of 6-14 participants. Set up a maze that’s more or less difficult, depending on your group’s needs and the time available. Duration is 15-60 minutes, including debrief.

Facilitate with Ease

Complete with facilitation notes developed by corporate trainers that explain how to best introduce, play, and debrief the exercise for maximum results. Play indoors or outside. For groups sensitive to social distancing, be aware that two halfpipe segments should never touch!

Heavy Duty, Well Built & All-Inclusive

The Trainers Warehouse Pipeline Kit includes 12 half-pipes, three balls of different weights for added challenges (marble, ball bearing, and golf ball), and comes in a handy nylon storage bag. Each pipe has an inside diameter of 2 1/2 inches.