Tribe Azure Fair Trade Large Tote Shoulder Bag for Women

Tribe Azure Fair Trade Large Tote Shoulder Bag for Women

Are you tired of carrying multiple bags for all your daily needs? Look no further! Introducing the Tribe Azure Fair Trade Large Tote Shoulder Bag for Women. This bag is not only stylish but also practical, making it the perfect companion for your everyday activities.

Quality Handmade Craftsmanship

Each bag is meticulously handmade by Tribe Azure Fair Trade Artisans. Using thick woven cotton Jacquard fabric, the bag features a quilted free motion style in high-contrast. This attention to detail ensures that every bag is unique and of the highest quality.

Strong, Durable, Comfortable

The bag is designed to withstand the test of time. With a zipper inside and a cotton lining, your belongings will be securely stored. The deep banana bag design allows you to carry all your essentials, while the wide straps provide a comfortable carry, even when the bag is full.

Large Roomy Size for All Your Daily Needs

Measuring 17″ in height and 16″ in width, this bag is spacious enough to fit a large laptop, iPad, books, sun umbrella, blanket, and so much more. The main large zippered opening, along with a small pocket inside, ensures easy organization of your belongings.

High-Quality Cotton Fabric Lining

The inside of the bag is lined with cotton fabric, which extends all the way up to the straps. This seamless connection adds to the bag’s durability, allowing it to withstand over 30KG of weight. Additionally, the lining can be folded and compressed, making it easy to carry.

Perfect for Everyday Use

Whether you’re going to the market, carrying groceries, school books, or traveling, this bag is the ideal companion. Its comfortable and stylish design makes it suitable for any occasion.

  • Handmade by Tribe Azure Fair Trade Artisans
  • Thick woven cotton Jacquard fabric
  • Quilted free motion style in high-contrast
  • Zipper inside for secure storage
  • Deep banana bag design for all your essentials
  • Wide straps for a comfortable carry
  • Large zippered opening with a small pocket inside
  • Cotton fabric lining for added durability
  • Spacious enough to fit a large laptop, iPad, books, and more
  • Can withstand over 30KG of weight
  • Easy to carry and fold

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the bag machine washable?
  2. No, we recommend spot cleaning the bag to maintain its quality.

  3. Can the bag be used as a beach bag?
  4. Yes, the bag is versatile and can be used for various purposes, including as a beach bag.

  5. Does the bag come with a warranty?
  6. No, the warranty is not applicable for this product.


The Tribe Azure Fair Trade Large Tote Shoulder Bag for Women is the perfect combination of style and functionality. Handmade with high-quality craftsmanship, this bag is designed to meet all your daily needs. Its spacious size, durable construction, and comfortable carry make it a must-have accessory for any woman on the go. Get yours today and experience the convenience and elegance of this unique bag!