We R Sports Double Core Torso Trainer – Achieve Core Strength and Stability

We R Sports Double Core Torso Trainer – Achieve Core Strength and Stability


The We R Sports Double Core Torso Trainer is a great addition to any fitness routine. Whether you’re looking to improve core strength, stability, or upper body mobility, this portable and versatile equipment has got you covered. With its unique features and functionality, it allows you to perform a wide range of rotational torso training exercises, making it suitable for all fitness levels.

Main Features

Rotational Swivel Joint

The We R Sports Double Core Torso Trainer features a multi-directional swivel joint that allows for lateral and vertical movement. This enables you to perform effective rotational strength and upper body mobility movements, as well as presses for core strength training and stability training. The swivel joint also allows for easy attachment of a standard or Olympic barbell, providing even more exercise options.

V Shape Handle

The torso trainer comes with V shape handles that allow for various gripping positions. This feature turns the equipment into a T bar row machine, allowing you to target your back muscles effectively. The versatility of the V shape handle adds more variety to your workouts and helps you achieve a well-rounded upper body training session.

Various Functional Exercises

With the We R Sports Double Core Torso Trainer, the list of functional exercises you can perform is endless. From squats and multi-directional lunges to core rotations and Russian twists, this equipment allows you to engage multiple muscle groups and improve overall strength and stability. You can also incorporate exercises like one-arm deadlifts, one-arm rows, shrugs, wood chopping, overhead pressing, shoulder-to-shoulder pressing, rowing, and much more.

Note: The listed price includes the V shape handle. Weights and barbell are not included.


  • Color: Silver
  • Frame: Triangular frame with 2 x storage posts for Olympic weights
  • Swivel Handle: 1 Bar Slots – 52mm for Olympic bar, 28mm for Standard bar
  • V Handle: Fits only on Olympic bar
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Dimensions: Length – 63cm, Width – 63cm, Height – 29cm

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the We R Sports Double Core Torso Trainer at home?

A: Yes, the torso trainer is portable and can be used at home, in the gym, or even outside. Its compact design allows for easy storage and transportation.

Q: Is the equipment stable during workouts?

A: Yes, the We R Sports Double Core Torso Trainer is weighted with disks, making it stable and secure during exercises. It also features invisible rubber feet that provide additional stability and prevent slipping.

Q: Can I use both Olympic and standard barbells with this equipment?

A: The swivel handle of the torso trainer has slots for both Olympic (52mm) and standard (28mm) barbells. This allows you to choose the type of barbell that suits your preference and training goals.


The We R Sports Double Core Torso Trainer is a versatile and effective tool for achieving core strength and stability. With its rotational swivel joint, V shape handle, and wide range of functional exercises, it provides a complete upper body workout. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, this portable equipment is a valuable addition to your fitness routine. Get yours today and take your core training to the next level!