Welcome to the world of entertainment with the ZOSHING 16″ Full HD IPS 1080P LED TV. This compact and versatile television is designed to enhance your viewing experience with its high-definition display and built-in features. Whether you’re in an RV, bedroom, or campervan, this TV is the perfect companion for your entertainment needs.

Main Features

Built-in DVD Player

Enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows without the need for an external DVD player. The ZOSHING 16″ TV comes with a built-in DVD player, allowing you to watch your DVD collection with ease.

T2 Freeview Channels

Access a wide range of digital channels with the T2 Freeview feature. Enjoy your favorite shows and never miss out on the latest news, sports, or entertainment.

HDMI and USB Ports

Connect your devices seamlessly with the HDMI and USB ports. Whether you want to connect your gaming console, laptop, or USB drive, the ZOSHING 16″ TV has got you covered.

12V Car Cable

Take your entertainment on the road with the included 12V car cable. Perfect for RVs and campervans, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies wherever you go.

AC Powered

For home use, the ZOSHING 16″ TV can be powered using the AC adapter. Simply plug it into a power outlet and enjoy hours of entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I mount the ZOSHING 16″ TV on the wall?

Yes, the ZOSHING 16″ TV is wall-mountable. It comes with a VESA mount compatible with standard wall brackets, allowing you to save space and create a sleek setup.

2. Does the TV support external speakers?

Yes, the ZOSHING 16″ TV has a 3.5mm audio output, allowing you to connect external speakers or headphones for an enhanced audio experience.

3. Can I use the TV with a satellite dish?

No, the ZOSHING 16″ TV does not have a built-in satellite tuner. However, you can connect an external satellite receiver to the HDMI port for satellite TV access.

4. Is the TV compatible with gaming consoles?

Yes, the ZOSHING 16″ TV supports gaming consoles through the HDMI port. Immerse yourself in your favorite games with stunning visuals on the Full HD IPS display.

5. Can I use the TV as a computer monitor?

Yes, the ZOSHING 16″ TV can be used as a computer monitor. Simply connect your computer or laptop using the HDMI port and enjoy a larger screen for work or entertainment.

Upgrade your entertainment setup with the ZOSHING 16″ Full HD IPS 1080P LED TV. With its built-in DVD player, T2 Freeview channels, HDMI and USB ports, and versatile power options, this TV is perfect for RVs, bedrooms, and campervans. Experience high-definition viewing like never before.