nuLOOM Native Symbols Hand Loomed Jute Area Rug, 5′ x 8′, Natural


The nuLOOM Native Symbols Hand Loomed Jute Area Rug is a beautiful and unique addition to any home. Made with 80% Jute and 20% Cotton, this rug is crafted with love and care in India. Each piece is hand made, carrying the spirit of the artisans that created it. This means that every rug is marked by subtle but individual differences, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Not only is this rug stylish, but it is also durable. The natural fiber construction ensures that it can withstand everyday use and still maintain its beauty. Whether you place it in your living room, dining room, kitchen, or hallway, this rug will bring effortless sophistication to your space.

The sleek and functional pile height of this rug allows for convenient placement. It can easily fit underneath furniture and will not obstruct doorways. Its versatile size of 5′ x 8′ makes it suitable for various areas in your home.

As this rug is handmade, it requires special care. We recommend shaking off any dirt or debris rather than vacuuming. This will help preserve its quality and extend its lifespan.


  • Material: 80% Jute, 20% Cotton
  • Size: 5′ x 8′ (152 cm x 244 cm)
  • Origin: India

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can this rug be used outdoors?

No, this rug is designed for indoor use only. Exposing it to outdoor elements may cause damage.

2. Is this rug suitable for high-traffic areas?

Yes, the durable construction of this rug makes it suitable for high-traffic areas such as hallways and entryways.

3. How should I clean this rug?

We recommend shaking off any dirt or debris. If necessary, spot clean with a mild detergent and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

4. Can this rug be used on carpeted floors?

Yes, this rug can be used on carpeted floors. However, we recommend using a rug pad to prevent slipping and to protect both the rug and the carpet.


The nuLOOM Native Symbols Hand Loomed Jute Area Rug is a stylish and durable addition to any home. Its unique handmade design and natural fiber construction make it a truly special piece. With proper care, this rug will bring beauty and sophistication to your space for years to come.